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11:49am October 25th]
i refuse to be upset about anything while the phillies are in the world series!
how can i have anything but excited thoughts?
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11:23pm May 29th]
well, its summer again. and so much has changed.
it's amazing how much changes in a year.
even though i don't really feel like i have changed.

i'm pretty disgusted with myself about certain things.
i need to stop just letting things go. and i know this.
taking the easy route and just "forgetting" is not really working out.
the build up of all these things inside me is getting pretty unbearable.
i want to change. and i'm going to try to.
even though i don't think it's going to work.

i just know i'm back at that place again.
i want to get away.
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10:47pm April 1st]
all i want to do is have fun all the time.
so that's what i am doing.
bitches. =]
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6:00pm February 13th]
i've been anti-social lately. i'll work on it.
my dad's in jail. it doesn't really phase me or anyone in my family. he had it coming.
a girl i used to work with died in a car accident the other night, right in front of the acme. it kinda really made me sad. she was my age. and she had a daughter. i really can't think of anything more sad than telling a 3-year-old that their mom is dead. wear your seat belts, pleeease!
happy v-day.
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3:07pm January 24th]
my head is full of bologna.
it's time to plan some shenanigans.

don't forget: say anything show in march.
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